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I write and draw things. Creative excercises galore!

I’ve managed to install my tablet driver’s at pretty much every computer we have at my workplace.


Guys, I know how to improve Game of Thrones, hear me out

Unlike most of the human race, I haven’t watched Game of Thrones. Or at least not that much.
I understand that it’s a pretty engaging show, and it’s sort of a milestone when you consider that it managed to get like a bajillion dollar budget despite being a high-fantasy book, but still…
I watched the first 6 episodes or so with a friend. I think I felt quite uncomfortable by the eight sex scene, and by the time of the 24th sex scene I was making a huge effort to mentally isolate myself and remember that I was not watching a pretty actress doing the horizontal mambo whilst I was sitting next to a guy I went to high school with.

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I’ve deleted a bunch of my old posts. Not because I disliked them, but because I want to use my blog as a place where I’m constantly striving towards posting original content from time to time.

A bit drastic but I relish the challenge! I also changed the name of the blog, because I want to upload more than just drawings….

I haven’t uploaded anything done by me for so long! Here’s a few of my current projects, I’ve been doing commissioned artwork lately.

These are made in Manga Studio 5 using Frenden’s awesome brush set!

I haven’t posted drawings in so long!

Here’s Goku, from Dragon Ball 

Dragon Ball is the coolest manga ever aw yeah (づ。◕‿‿◕。)づ

I added a link to my blog on the picture because I really want to go back to regular art blogging shenannigans and I just can’t stay away from reblogging whatever strikes my fancy in here…



not related to the drawing pokemon thing that I’m doing right now, but this was a commission that apparently never reached it’s intended customer :v

Do a comic about flies bothering people during teatime, she said

Let’s only use a brush and handletter it, I said 

Let’s go at it without even having an idea of the plot or the dialogue, I replied 

featuring the first-ever collab between really-well-known-tumblr user naruhodos and who-dat-ho-tumblr user me

She drew Ralph, I drew Vanellope. Only one of us has watched the movie. Guess whooooo

Kam’s sister Andrea drew the pacman, while my girlfriend drew the upside-down Phoebe head (we all agree that a severe lack of Hey Arnold characters was a big letdown for this feature film)

I also drew the bottom Ralph! And Kam drew Fix it Felix and that little ball thingy (pleasedon’tgivemeflakbecauseican’trememberitsnamesorry)

My first post of the year

I remember that when I was in 4th grade there was this girl that was called Sofia on my class and she was really mean to everyone and she really liked scratching her butt and we all laughed at that behind her back and it was pretty handy because whenever your butt itched you went all like “hurr durr look at me, I’m Sofia” and you scratched your butt and everyone laughed because no one really liked her, but in the inside you were glad to know her because otherwise you wouldn’t have been able to scratch your butt at all

Thank you Sofia, whenever you are right now