Sketches and other Stuff

A tumblr about my... sketches and other stuff? I guess. It used to be. You force me to reblog stuff though. Jerks. Check my art tag if you're interested!


So since my last kickstarter campaign failed miserably (the “give me your money and I’ll laugh while I roll over it” fiasco), I’m in the need of doing commissions!

So yeah! Basically the prices are layed out in the little comic already, and if you’re curious you can check my art tag or my art blog (mainly the blog, I upload more things in there, I think…)

Just drop me a message in the ask box! If you want a colored drawing, keep in mind I work this way:

1) You pay me half at first
2) I draw the sketch
3) Once you ok the sketch, I finish the colored drawing


(this obviously doesn’t apply to the cheaper prices, receiving or sending a $1 payment on paypal is pretty lame anyway)

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